"Forget Pain Try Again, the incantation to success. If you're looking for a motive, just open your eyes widely. You can see a crawling baby. Yes, the attempts of a crawling baby to stand is the world's most beautiful motivation. Motivation is a dark path to achievement, where hard work lightens the path. You should inflame the light every time whether it is a loss or gain. Excuses never bring you an achievement, thus kill our excuses. Work hard till your last breath, like a spider who weaves its net. What we meant success is an organic sustainability, it needs deep dedication, immense confidence, and patience. Here we are proudly introducing our most respected clients who sacrifice and conquer their excuses, the clients who trust our quality service and surpass their pain. Your pain and failure is the weapon, be a warrior and fight for the ultimate triumph. If a man can dance without limbs, a man can draw without arms, a lady can teach without sound and sight, a man can inspire the whole world by sitting in a wheelchair. Then tell me what is your excuse. Arouse your potential. Keep calm and Intake Oxygen Deeply."

Mr Arun Mohanan


  • After :      Height: 155cm   Weight: 70kg    Abs: 30 inches
    Before:    Height: 155cm   Weight: 90kg   Abs: 42 inches
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    Master Vishnu Dharmendra

    "Poor body posture led me to the reduction of concentration. I went backwards in my activities. My friends noticed my changes and suggested me Forge Fitness and Wellness ( FFWTVM ). The motivational advice of Mr.ArunMohanan permuted me a lot. He helped me to attain a comfortable physique. I gained 15kg, and my change was beyond my expectations."

  • After :      Height: 181cm   Weight: 60kg   Abs: 30 inches
    Before:    Height: 181cm   Weight: 45kg   Abs: 34 inches
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    Miss Madhurima

    "After the higher secondary period, I noticed that the scales of my body raised. My family and friends told me that either you can suffer or survive. My second decision led me to the red carpet of Forge Fitness and Wellness, the arena of hard work. There, I personally consulted Mr.ArunMohanan and started workouts. It was too difficult and unaffordable for me. He advised me that without sweat and tears, I couldn't fulfill my fitness goal. I followed him through hard work and achieved the goal. Mr.Arun once again proved that he will not lose the promises given to the clients."

  • After :      Height: 172cm   Weight: 70kg   Abs:32 inches
    Before:    Height: 172cm   Weight: 85kg   Abs:38 inches
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    Mr Ragul

    "I did regular workouts at Forge Fitness and Wellness ( FFWTVM ) after months of joining. I followed the natural lifestyle and diet prescribed by my personal trainer Mr.ArunMohanan. Within 45days, I lost 20kg. For a healthy transformation I recommend you Forge Fitness and Wellness ( FFWTVM ). "

  • After :      Height: 157cm   Weight: 90kg   Abs:37 inches
    Before:    Height: 157cm   Weight: 106kg   Abs:43 inches
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    Mr Ebin

    "Obesity and lack of stamina were my body conditions. Myself, I did some exercise and controled food, but both resulted in a weak body. I was totally upset and got depressed. At that time, one of my colleagues suggested me Forge Fitness and Wellness ( FFWTVM ). I joined there and started the workout. Initially I didn't feel any change and decided to leave. Then I consult Mr.ArunMohanan, and he gave me the answers to my problems practically. His natural lifestyle procedure led me to accomplish my target. "

  • After :      Height: 165cm   Weight: 80kg   Abs: 34 inches
    Before:    Height: 165cm   Weight: 95kg   Abs: 42 inches
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    Miss Megha

    "I joined Forge Fitness and Wellness for weight loss. But, after consulting Mr.Arun, I realized that my actual problem was lack of flexibility. He suggested me workouts for obtaining flexibility, and I am very happy with the result."

  • After :      Height: 150cm   Weight: 65kg   Abs: 30 inches
    Before:    Height: 150cm   Weight: 75kg   Abs: 36 inches
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    Mr Adarsh

    "My body was obese, but I was never conscious about it. Later, my friends humiliated me a lot. It hurt me and led me to depression. I decided to change my body so I joined Forge Fitness and Wellness ( FFWTVM ). It was an unpredictable change that happened in my body. "

  • After :      Height: 162cm   Weight: 82kg   Abs: 30 inches
    Before:    Height: 162cm   Weight: 60kg   Abs: 35 inches
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    Mr Amal

    "I was too skinny and shy during the early years. My body was very weak, and I went backwards in my extra-curricular activities. Hence I decided to build up my body and joined Forge Fitness and Wellness( FFWTVM ). The professional workouts and steroid free diet helped me to gain weight. Thank you Mr.ArunMohanan and the whole crew of Forge."

  • After :      Height: 165cm   Weight: 65kg   Abs: 30 inches
    Before:    Height: 165cm   Weight: 52kg   Abs: 27 inches
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    Mr Amjith

    "My profession led me to the assimilation of fat inside the body, mainly belly fat. In addition the stress and strain weakens my mental health. Out of curiosity I joined the newly opened fitness centre called Forge Fitness and Wellness ( FFWTVM ). My personal trainer Mr.ArunMohanan advised me that natural fat reduction took much more time, and it should not affect any health problems. After following his advice, an unbelievable change happened to my body and also my mind. I am really thankful to Mr.Arun and other trainers of Forge Fitness and Wellness ( FFWTVM ). "

  • After :      Height: 168cm   Weight: 72kg   Abs: 34 inches
    Before:    Height: 168cm   Weight: 85kg   Abs: 40 inches
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    Miss. Shari

    "My intense back pain led me to Forge Fitness and Wellness. The regular workouts and diet by Mr.ArunMohanan helped me to reduce 7kg and prevent back pain unbelievably. "

  • After :      Height: 155cm   Weight: 72kg   Abs: 36 inches
    Before:    Height: 155cm   Weight: 85kg   Abs: 46 inches
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    Master Joemon

    "My medical problem was obesity. The major challenge l faced at Forge Fitness and Wellness was my age. I was afraid of doing workouts at that time. However, in the beginning, Mr.ArunMohanan made me more comfortable with workouts for some weeks, then started the fat-burning circuit. Therefore, I lost my body weight naturally. "

  • After :      Height: 152cm   Weight: 50kg   Abs: 28 inches
    Before:    Height: 152cm   Weight: 70kg   Abs: 36 inches
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    Dr Lenin

    "My lean posture and lack of confidence condensed my professional performance. I was fed up with my situation and searched for a solution. During that time, my cousin introduced me to Forge Fitness and Wellness ( FFWTVM ). After one-week of workout schedule under my personal trainer Mr.ArunMohanan, my anxiety was decreased . I attracted with the facilities and hygiene atmosphere. If you want to nurture your health, without any confusion, I surely suggest Forge Fitness and Wellness ( FFWTVM )."

  • After :      Height: 166cm   Weight: 83kg   Abs: 36 inches
    Before:    Height: 166cm   Weight: 72kg   Abs: 30 inches
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    Mr Rajesh

    "Basically, I am a business man, thus stress was a part of my life. I never got time to take care of my health and intake of pills led me to the imbalance within the body. Hence, I personally consulted Mr.ArunMohanan who changed my body and made it stronger. "

  • After :      Height: 173cm   Weight: 73kg   Abs: 31 inches
    Before:    Height: 173cm   Weight: 88kg   Abs: 36 inches
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    Mr Sreerag

    "Absence of physical activities during my studies led me to the condition of obesity. It broke my confidence, concentration and much more. Consciousness towards my problem showed me the "Way Of Living ". I got totally impressed by the methods and schedules. I lost around 20kg within months. I thank Mr.ArunMohanan, my fitness consultant and the whole crew of Forge Fitness and Wellness ( FFWTVM ) for the magical change. "

  • After :      Height: 160cm   Weight: 68kg   Abs: 30 inches
    Before:    Height: 160cm   Weight: 90kg   Abs: 42 inches
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    Mr Dipin

    "No one suggested me Forge Fitness and Wellness ( FFWTVM ). As a youth I joined there without any reasons. However I wondered the procedures and realized that it is an incomparable fitness centre. The genuine guidance of Mr.ArunMohanan led me to have a fit body. I thank him and the family members of Forge. "

  • After :      Height: 159cm   Weight:68kg   Abs: 30 inches
    Before:    Height: 159cm   Weight: 82kg   Abs: 35 inches
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    Mr Gokul

    "I am Gokul, from Dubai. I have noticed that my body is in a wrong posture. I couldn't feel my one buttocks when I sit. Sore leg and slide chest was my another problem. After joining Forge Fitness and WEllness, Mr.Arun, founder of Forge Fitness and Wellness said that I have spinal chord curvature. Thus I consult him personally. His natural lifestyle schedules and balanced diet steadily change my body. Now, I have attained a good body symmetry and completely recovered from my past awkwardness. I am expressing my extreme gratitude to Mr.Arun, whose trustworthy service has changed my life. "

  • After :      Height: 166cm   Weight: 83kg   Abs: 36 inches
    Before:    Height: 166cm   Weight: 72kg   Abs: 30 inches
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    Miss Steena

    "I am Steena, by profession, I am a dancer. Lack of practice reduced my stamina and confidence, even my physical features starts to change. As a solution, I joined Forge Fitness and Wellness. My expectations have gone totally wrong when I joined here. Workout schedule and diet plan that given only after analyze the present medical and physical condition of clients. I have started my workout under Mr.Arun, founder of Forge Fitness and Wellness. He can be considered as a power bank of positive energy. Hee bost my confidence and it changes my mind and body. He showed me the 'Way of Living', the way where your desire comes true. "

  • After :      Height: 162cm   Weight: 82kg   Abs: 30 inches
    Before:    Height: 162cm   Weight: 60kg   Abs: 35 inches
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