Testimony of Branding

  The Boston Globe - Tuesday, September - 2015  

Balaramapuram, Thiruvananthapuram - 695501

"Dedication Results Perfection. . .!"

Arun.S of Thiruvananthapuram has made Kerala proud by winning the fifth position at the National level Bodybuilding Championship 2010 held in Nasik. In the previous years he has won the State and District level Championship. This is his first victory on National level. He attributes his success to meticulous planning and dedication to overcome procrastination. He pride himself in having secured the achievement without facilities. He aims to continue in this industry and achieve his career goal through bodybuilding.

Explore the Unbounded Stride of Re-Branding

Forge Fitness and Wellness, the unique resolution of fitness and lifestyle declared the re branding of their company on 2 September 2015 with colour and solemnity marking the program. After paying homage to the former President of India, Late Dr.APJ.AbdulKalam, Miss. Madurima welcomed all dignitaries on the dais. In the program at Forge Fitness and Wellness Balaramapuram, the veteran of Malayalam film industry Mr. Madhu lighted the lamp and unveiled company's new logo. In his address, Mr.Madhu said there is a relevant need of fitness centres for the present day busy life. There is a considerable increase in dreadful diseases in our day today life. These will make a threat for our future generations, thus it is our responsibility to wipe out these diseases through a healthy lifestyle

Adv.M.Vincent,MLA of Kovalam constituency inaugurated the blood donation campaign, in his address he said, everyday blood transfusions take place that saves lives of many people all over the world. Donating blood is good for the health of the donor's as well as those who need it. It is important to know that the human blood cannot be manufactured; people are the only source of it and that is why it is important to donate blood and help those who need it.

On this occasion Mr. Mukkumpalamoodu Biju, BJP leader spoke about the benefits of technology after the inauguration of Forge Fitness and Wellness's Google Id "FFWTVM". He said technology is a massive opportunity, thus we should know how to use it instead of misusing. Mr.Raveendran, President of Balaramapuram Panchayat distributed educational supplements for backward students under the locality. The new official uniform of Forge Fitness and Wellness was launched by Mr.Shafeek,SDPI leader to Mr.Akhil Muthuswamy, Manager of Forge Fitness and Wellness. Mr.Madhu donated treatment fund for a cancer patient in the presence of the audience.

The gathering was witnessed by political leaders, film workers, business entrepreneurs and others. Mr.ArunMohanan, the artificer of Forge Fitness and Wellness thanked all the invited guests and participants for gracing the occasion by their solemn presence. Other events like a musical program, lifestyle seminar and Yoga demonstration were held on the occasion.

Virtues are the only thing that exists after our death. Humanity should be an essential character for a human being. We must cultivate our mind to help the indigent people around us. Nothing can beat the gratitude and blessing of a person who we have helped. These are words of the legend of Malayalam film industry Sri.Madhu after conferring the medical fund for a cancer patient during the re-branding function of Forge Fitness and Wellness, the lifestyle centre located at Balaramapuram.

Before the re-branding gathering, the whole crew of Forge Fitness and Wellness decided to give a small profit from their gross income for someone who needs money for medical needs. Then they came to know about a family living in poor surroundings with a cancer patient. They assured the family that they will contribute their slight amount as a help.

They invited the family to the ceremony and actor Sri.Madhu handed over the cheque to them. The whole family members unfolded their gratitude towards Sri.Madhu and crew of Forge Fitness and Wellness, which made the dais emotional for a while. The entire guests at the function prayed for the speedy recovery of the patient.

We are very happy to share that the patient completely recovered. Representatives of Forge Fitness and Wellness visited their home regularly to check on their improvement. Also the members of the company gave educational supplements to the children in that family.

Competitions are always feisty. The sweetness of victory and bitterness of failure are the segments of each competition. Success hides in the willingness of contestants to participate. It is beyond victory and failure. If the contestants perform in an admirable manner, the eagerness of judges as well as audience will ripple.

Bodybuilding is the furore of youth. However, the immense passion and exertion towards it are seen in each participants. In any competition, only one person has the chance to win. The most outshine beaver and devout will only wear the crown of triumph.

A, likewise, competition was held at Nishagandhi Auditorium under Trivandrum Bodybuilding Association, the Mr. Trivandrum Junior Championship. After a tough competition, Mr.ArunMohanan has won the title. His victory was a new footstep in bodybuilding. He proved that addiction towards passion brings the destination. The 24-year-old started bodybuilding as a teenager to make income for studies and furthermore. He started as a cleaner in a gym, his sole dedication promoted him to become the best trainer in the same gym. He was not ready to lose his passion. He overcame his limitations with the help of sweat and tears. In this platform also he was not willing to lose his desire and pump the way of hope himself. His dream is to become a champion in National-level Competition. Now he is busy with the workouts and practice for his future goal.

Mr.Arun was awarded with a cash price of Rs.15000 by Mr. George, president of Trivandrum Bodybuilding Association. Mr.JonesKuruvila,

Secretary of Trivandrum Bodybuilding Association handed over the momentum to the winners. The competition was sponsored by various health clubs in Trivandrum.