Lifestyle is the heart of our character and behaviour. Thus the way we live is more prominent. A happy life embedded with a healthy body and a delightful mind must be our endeavour. Forge Fitness and Wellness(FFWTVM) is introducing the 'Way of Living' to prosper your life and make it best. Come to Become...

Nature is the healing emollient of your whole malady. It works as an elixir for your melancholy and mental worry. Touch and feel the nature through different activities such as gardening, garden design, soil management, plant conservation and much more. Nature is the only way to reduce your ailments without any expenses. Love the nature, it will heal you incredibly.

Simple exercises helps to improve and maintain a healthy body. Majority of people will have health problems at some stage in their lives, often caused by poor posture and much more. The lifestyle based exercise program will help us to strengthen our inner core and stabilize our mind and body. Our further updates will amplify the advantages of each move in our daily life to enhance our mind and body.

If our own life be an inspirational story for others, as a human being, we fulfill our obligation. Each inspirational story gives a message for us, motivate us for doing something. Winnie Harlow’s story teach us that suicide is not a solution for our degradation. There is a duty behind every creation. " MY SKIN DOESN'T DEFINE ME"- WINNIE HARLOW

Coffee can be considered as the food of legacy. History discloses its royal voyage around the world. Coffee helps to pump positive energy to us, wipe out our stress and tiredness. We can eliminate our mental worry within 5 minute of brewing a cup of coffee with milk and sugar and relishing it. Coffee has the power to stimulate our whole body and refresh it. Just take a hot sip.

Book is an inexhaustible platter of knowledge. The beauty of reading books is that you can take it outdoor with you, so you can enjoy all the therapeutic benefits of reading combined with relaxing in nature, and there is no need for any electrical cables or chargers. “ INTELLIGENCE IS THE POWER AND POWER IS OF NO USE TO ONE WITHOUT INTELLIGENCE.“ - KATHASARITSAGARA

Tradition is immortal. Festivals give delicacy to it. It is the soul of a culture under toned in each festival. Onam is a festival which flounces the soul of Kerala. It is the reflection of the faith of people in Kerala and a belief in their legendary past. Onam is also a conspicuous festival with an infinitude of religions. May the message of compassion and glory shine through Onam for many generations.

Fashion is the reflection of our individuality. It is laid in our appearance which makes us an odd fish. Appearance is the benchmark of assurance, which is the pivot of performance. Fashion and style plays a staple role for the formation of assurance. A comfortable and spick costume gives us confidence magically. Style doesn’t mean costume only: it includes our attitude and perspectives. These will convey our destination absolutely.

Life is lucid and aesthetic, for those who know to live. The major element we want in our life is a horse sense, the self realization. Then life becomes more frugal. Living with our needs is possible, but living with our greed makes life difficult. We can savour our life from the moment we stop imitating others. Remember, we have only one life make it more pleasurable.

We are questing for relaxation without looking at our premises by forgetting the cherished pets. Sometimes the endearment of our pets can eliminate our difficulties. Their genuine gratitude has the power to mitigate the feel of your solitariness. We can dump our emotions and make a fresh mind without any conversations. Lovely pets are the example for healing with presence and expressions beyond words.



                    Ideas make your identity. It emerges at the arena of discussion. Forge Fitness and Wellness (FFWTVM) welcome all to share your persuasion in our blog. The professionals of Forge Fitness and Wellness(FFWTVM) are here to deliberate their opinion about fitness, wellness and lifestyle .There are many different, both supporting and opposing ideas about the best choices to ensure that we each live in the healthiest and happiest life possible. The alignment of human body is the same for all, but the proper functions depends on the medical, genetic and lifestyle problems. Thus we both can't agree with some of ideas and perspectives. Exposure to different nutrition and different type of exercise can help us achieve our own optimal levels of fitness and happiness.

Lifestyle is the criterion of our whole body conditions. Because diseases caused by the lifestyle may be transferred to generations. This is the reason behind our lifestyle based exercise program. Most of us believe that once we have achieved the fitness goal that we always wanted, everything else comes easy after that. Well, actually the hardest part is maintaining our physique over a long period of time. Changing the lifestyle is the easy way to get hold of your health.

Here we can clarify our ambiguity through comments and arguments which sequel a good conclusion regarding the subject. It is a good opportunity to expose your notion with our team and be a part of Forge Fitness and Wellness (FFWTVM), identify opportunities and realize solutions that transform experience and expectation. These discussions will definitely enhance and flourish your relativism in many ways. Thus we request you to kindly allocate this platform. Explore a diversity of perspectives through