Forge Fitness and Wellness ( FFWTVM ) was established on 1 November 2012 by ArunMohanan, celebrity fitness trainer, model as well as national champion. Even so, the concept emerged during 2 years before the establishment. After the national championship, Mr.Arun desired to open a fitness centre with new objectives. Hence he gave more attention to reference and studies. However, the major barrier he faced was the investment. No one came forward for this project, because he was a beginner. He got depressed and tried to quit this project. At that time one of his friends took interest in investment and instituted Forge Fitness and Wellness ( FFWTVM ) at a town which is approximately 20km away from the heart of the city. Fundamentally, the locality was a second market, thus the people could not afford the fee structure. Mr.Arun was not ready to reduce the amount because the doctrine of Forge Fitness and Wellness ( FFWTVM ) was an advanced formula and beyond other gyms, Forge follows a natural lifestyle and healing procedure. Though the company was distressed with the lack of customers. They tried to leverage their ideas to common people followed by conducting seminars in schools, colleges and residential areas. Gradually, the admission improved and the graph of Forge elevated. The company sustenance was based on the trust of their clients.

Forge Fitness and Wellness ( FFWTVM ) rebranded officially on 2 September 2015, with a view of "Way Of Living". The company launched their own Google id, T-shirts and wellness programs which helped to enhance it as a new brand. The company promulgates its updates and news in leading social media, that has an outreach. The company's vast experience and results extricate it from outside controversies. It made an identity within the society.

Forge Fitness and Wellness ( FFWTVM ) express their extreme gratitude towards the present and upcoming customers, crew, social workers, opposing people and everyone who directly and indirectly belong to the company.


The ultimate Way Of Living. Forge Fitness and Wellness ( FFWTVM ) introduces a new health concept called the " Way Of Living ", which simply means the way we would live. Forge promises that you can build your body up starting from your own kitchen by just changing your lifestyle. .


A healthy person is the backbone of the nation.


Mr.Arun Mohanan, the driving force of Forge Fitness and Wellness ( FFWTVM ), with an experience of 17 years in the industry is a celebrity fitness trainer and fitness model.

Mr.Arun started his career as an ordinary gym trainer. The intense passion for the work led him to bodybuilding. Due to improper guidance, he failed many times. After that he met with ideal trainers, and they showed him the right path to bodybuilding. He realised that it required a deep dedication and continuous hard work. Through the continuous workouts and proper nutrition Mr.Arun accomplished his dream as District Champion in 2009 and 2010 respectively, and State Champion and National Champion in the same year.

Consequently he got many opportunities inside and outside the country. However, he wished to create an identity in the industry and developed a new idea in fitness and lifestyle. He started to study the theoretical side of health and body. Then he joined and obtained various degrees from American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), International Sports Science Association(ISSA), Pilates Institute of America (PIA), Heart Association First Aid Support and Heart Rate Running Workshop,TRX-Suspension Training and Yoga from Indian School Of Yoga. He permuted from an usual gym trainer to a certified fitness trainer.

He worked with celebrities in the film industry, famous business entrepreneurs, political king makers and athletes, which made him an experienced celebrity fitness trainer.

Mr.Arun plans to launch a fitness centre with divergent notions. Subsequently, he established Forge Fitness and Wellness ( FFWTVM ). At the beginning, he faced a lot of dilemma due to the lack of clients. Nevertheless he held his determination towards his work, which resulted in the up gradation of the company. His training system is entirely different and beyond our imaginations. It's a 24×7 training method and the four factors which help a better result is your passion, dedication, sweat and tears. He promises that you can gain or lose weight and attain the state of health with your food routine. He follows a healthy lifestyle practice with a natural diet which excludes drugs and steroids. According to Mr.Arun health means a sharp mind with ailment free flexible body.

Arun's fitness mantra for your motivation is,


Forge Fitness and Wellness ( FFWTVM ) was re branded on 2 September 2015 and is running successfully. Mr.Arun Mohanan is now formulating two fresh concepts, which are named as 101 Secret System ® and i Holistic Lifestyle ® . 101 Secret System introduce people to build a healthy body without gym and fitness equipment. It's simply meant 'beyond myths'. i Holistic Lifestyle welcomes people to the pinnacle of spirituality as a mystical journey... This is a story of Mr.Arun Mohanan, a fitness founder who started his sphere at the age of 15 as a gym cleaner. He proves with his life that strong determination and dedication helps to reach the aim. If a person can do these many things without facilities and family support, think about your potential and opportunities. Just explore it...